U.S. Water Labs is Wisconsin’s leading expert in legionella management planning and testing services. We service a roster of clients from across the state in the health care, hospitality and property management industries.

U.S. Water Labs is one of only three CDC ELITE laboratories in the State of Wisconsin and the only independent lab to attain the nationally-recognized accreditation.

Our lab and field professionals work hand-in-hand to provide our clients a comprehensive resource on legionella:




Using CMS guidelines and ASHRAE 188 Standards, we build the highest legally defensible water management plan for your facility. As an authorized partner of HC Info, we leverage their cloud-based technology to make the plans accessible and easy for staff to use. Once a plan is in place, we’re the only service with our own in-house, CDC Elite laboratory to test samples.


We only utilize our own certified, lab professionals to collect, deliver and analyze each sample from your facility. No stops in-between. All samples we collect are placed in our incubators that very same day. This reduces legal risk to your facility and ensures the most accurate results possible.


We are the only lab in the State of Wisconsin that offers water sample collection service on-site with a certified lab professional. No costly shipping required. Using industry leader IDEXX Laboratories’ Legiolert water technology, we also have the ability to turn around results in as little as seven days. We also offer the CDC culture method.


Water management planning is the first and most important line of defense against preventing any bacterial outbreak in a facility, and no question is true of legionella. In order to determine the highest areas of risk in a facility, our Lab Manager and certified plumber will accompany your facility’s operations staff on-site to map out your complex water system.  From the source point to the farthest reaches of the closed system, we highlight and flag exposure risks that have potential of harboring bacterial issues.

Using nationally renowned and industry leader in legionella prevention, HC Info, we create a comprehensive water management plan that focuses on eliminating risk and provides facility maintenance staff prevention protocols to ensure clean water through your entire system. All management plans are accessible through a cloud-based database that is easy to navigate and can be reviewed, updated and checked-in on from anywhere in the facility.  All of our management plans are reviewed by specialists and professionals to safeguard legal defensibility and reduce liability to the facility.

The necessity and importance is water management planning is two-fold: 1. to keep employees and patrons safe, and, 2. reduce legal liability in the event of contamination. While some facilities are mandated through the CDC, CMS or ASHRAE 188 Standards to hold water management plans to ensure patient safety, all facilities have a responsibility to keep those in their care healthy and safe.  



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Once a water management plan is in place and maintenance protocols are being met throughout the facility, it is vitally important that a facility validates that their plan is working through regular testing.

Though a thorough management plan can dictate what procedures should be done and on what schedule, there is no way to know if that plan is working unless testing can confirm that all systems are safe. According to the CDC, CMS and ASHRAE 188 Standards, scheduled testing should occur on a quarterly basis. 

U.S. Water Labs is the only lab in the State of Wisconsin that offers on-site sampling to facilities. Beyond the convenience to facilities and avoiding costly shipping, this ensures that each sample is taken at the correct location and is accurately stored until reaching our lab’s incubators.  We also highly recommend this method to maintain a strict and defensible chain of custody. 



Should a contamination occur in your facility’s water system, it may feel like there’s overwhelming road ahead, but, we are here to help you navigate it safely and cost-effectively. There is no need to panic or shut down operations for weeks on end, we have both short-term and long-term remediation solutions to keep the doors open and the lights on.  We offer point-of-use filters that can serve as a temporary fix to keep employees and customers safe while we schedule a more permanent, disinfections solution for the water system.  

We have experience working across the aisle with city and municipal health departments, Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and the Department of Natural Resources to begin fixing the problem areas and get your water system back to pumping safe water.  

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